Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ravenica's Shorts from Takes One To Know One

This great piece of wardrobe is from my favorite episode of all the Xena series. These are Ravenica's shorts worn by Natalie Duggan in Xena season 4 episode "Takes One To Know One". Ravenica's was the bounty hunter who was after Xena but was killed by none other than Xena's trusty horse Argo. Haha!! What an Awesome ending to a Great Great episode!!! I could watch this episode over and over and I will NEVER get tired of it. Also Joxer touches the shorts when he and Auto lift Ravenica onto the bed. Bonus!! Too Cool!! Many Thanks to my good friend Barbie for allowing me the chance to own this Terrific piece of Xena history!!! Woo Hoo :-)

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