Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gabrielle/Joxer Nightie

I LOVE this cossie!! It is from one of my favorite episodes of Xena. I LOVE the comedies!!! This is the nightie that belonged to Gabrielle but because Joxer thought he was apeman (due to Aphrodite putting a Obsession Potion on all of them) he went bare naked so Gabrielle pulled this out of her bag and made Joxer put it on LOL. Too Funny. This cossie is from Xena Season 3 ep "Fins, Femmes and Gems". One of the screen grabs is from the outtakes and is probably my favorite shot of Joxer in the nightie. Renee is pointing at Ted's boob because it is exposed LOL. This is a pink satin nightie with pink ribbon straps and flowered lace around the edging of the top and bottom of the nightie. There is also a pair of pink with ruffled butt cheeks underpants and the thick blue socks which have holes and patches all over them (that is how the cossie is suppose to be). The only thing I am missing is the twig crown that Joxer wears but I did find a bug that is identical to the one he wears in the center of the crown. I will eventually make the crown so that it will be a full cossie in time. If anyone has it and is willing to sell let me know :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xena/Lucy FIN Sandals

These sandals were worn by Lucy in Xena Season 6 ep "Friend In Need part 1". The scene is when Xena is taking Akemi's ashes to her family plot and Xena gets attacked by the villagers because Akemi killed her father and that makes her a disgrace to the town. The sandals are made of wood with a velvet material for the straps. On the bottom of the sandals there looks to be some kind of cloth along the wooden heels and a metal ball right at the top which might have made Xena slide around on the ground because in the scene there is suppose to be ice on the ground. These are a Treasured piece!! Awesome!!!

Young Hercules Top/Ryan Gosling

This is a REALLY cool piece. It was worn by Ryan Gosling who played Young Hercules. I am very happy to add this to my collection as I am a big fan of Ryan's. There is no tag in the shirt but I'm pretty sure it is his. It is made of leather with great detail on it and leather lacing up the sides. Thanks Scott for allowing me the chance to own this great item!! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tyldus Centaur Headband

This is a very cool prop wardrobe piece. I have ALWAYS wanted something that a centaur character wore and now thanks to Barbie I do.

This piece was worn by Tyldus leader of the Centaurs in Xena Season 1 ep Hooves and Harlots. It is made of leather and there is decoration pieces all on the front of it. Just Beautiful!!! There are 2 pieces of tape inside it. One reads Tyldus and Top with an arrow pointing up and Bottom with an arrow pointing down to show how to put it on your head and then there is a another piece of tape over top that which reads Aston who is David Aston playing Tyldus. Pretty Cool!!! So this is actually a one off piece in my book!!! Thanks again Barbie for allowing me to get this into my collection. I LOVE it!!! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Elizabeth Hawthorne Wool Suit from Hercules

This beautiful piece was given to me as a gift from my good friend Barbie!!! She knows how much I LOVE Bruce Campbell and since he may have brushed by Elizabeth Hawthorne wearing this suit during production she just felt I should own it if there was a chance Bruce may have touched it. I sure hope he did!!! :-) The suit was found in Hercules Season 4 episode "Yes Virginia...There Is A Hercules". This was a great episode. I just LOVE the comedies!!!! Many Thanks to you Barbie for this Amazing piece of Hercules History!!! :-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ravenica's Shorts from Takes One To Know One

This great piece of wardrobe is from my favorite episode of all the Xena series. These are Ravenica's shorts worn by Natalie Duggan in Xena season 4 episode "Takes One To Know One". Ravenica's was the bounty hunter who was after Xena but was killed by none other than Xena's trusty horse Argo. Haha!! What an Awesome ending to a Great Great episode!!! I could watch this episode over and over and I will NEVER get tired of it. Also Joxer touches the shorts when he and Auto lift Ravenica onto the bed. Bonus!! Too Cool!! Many Thanks to my good friend Barbie for allowing me the chance to own this Terrific piece of Xena history!!! Woo Hoo :-)