Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Renee/Gabrielle Season 2 Skirt

This is one of my most treasured pieces. It is a Renee O'Connor Skirt worn in Xena Season 2. This screen shot is from "A Comedy Of Eros". I love the shot of Xena getting hit with Baby Bliss's Arrow!! I bought this skirt from a very close friend who had it authenticated by one of the wardrobe people so this is the real deal!!!! There is a piece of tape on the inside of the skirt that reads Renee. It seems to be made of soft but rough cotton tweet type material. Feels very light and comfortable so it can breath. I'm sure Renee didn't get hot in this skirt. I love this piece but I need the Green Top, Belt and Boots to make it complete. My good friend also made me a Gabby Staff so I just had to include it in the picture with this outfit. Thanks Barbie!!! Hope you all enjoy looking at it!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rafe's Boot Toppers

Here are two nice pieces I got from a friend and fellow collector. They are Patrick Fabian's boot toppers from his character Rafe's costume in Xena episode "King Con". They are made of real leather with leather laces around the edge and also to tie them with. There is a tag on the inside that reads RAFE. I not only loved Patrick's character but he is also a HOTTIE!!! I am really happy to own these!!!

Beautiful Green Sash

Here is a lovely green sash that was worn on Xena. It is made of thick soft cotton like material. It was spotted on the character Tarses in episode "Vanishing Act". There is a tag in the garment that reads Tarses Stuart Thorpe who was Jon Brazier's stuntman. Pretty Cool item!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Metal & Leather Armband/Helmet Wrap

Here is a really nice armband/helmet wrap made with metal and leather with holes at either end that they would use to tie this piece around the upper part of the arm or a helmet. It is quite heavy too. I have spotted it in Xena Season 2 ep "Warrior...Princess...Tramp" wrapped around one of the bad guys helmets, in Hercules Season 6 ep "Rebel Without A Cause" being worn by the Executioner and in the Young Hercules Series ep "Forgery" on a customer seated at a table in a club. So this piece shows it was used on all three show sets. Too Cool!!!

Red Cloth Armband with Black Symbol

This is a very nice piece. It is made of cloth material with a black symbol that was used to distinguish whose army soldiers these were worn by. I have spotted it in two different episodes being worn by soldiers. First is from Xena Season 4 ep "Locked Up And Tied Down" and the second is from Hercules Season 2 ep "What's In A Name". I have also spotted this symbol being used in the new hit series Legend of the Seeker which is brought to you by the same wonderful people that brought us Xena and Hercules. Too Cool!!!

Autolycus/Philipon Robe

Here is one of my most Treasured pieces. This robe was worn in Xena Season 4 ep "A Tale of Two Muses" by my favorite actor Mr Bruce Campbell. I was able to acquire this cossie from my good friend Barbie. She knew how much I loved Bruce!! She also told me that the hat survived the set. Not many did but the hat was sold in a seperate auction so if anyone has the hat that goes with this outfit and is willing to sell it I am VERY interested in purchasing it. I would love to have this as a complete costume.