Monday, August 31, 2009

Leather Dagger Sheath

Here is a Leather Dagger Sheath. It has a beautiful design. It is made of all leather with the center piece looking like grey aligator skin and metal studs all around the sheath in a set pattern. I have not spotted this in an episode yet but I know I will.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bacchae Top

This is a nice piece. It is the costume top of the Bacchae that are in Xena Season 1 episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". It is definitely from Xena as I have checked out all the Young Hercules episodes which the Bacchae were seen in that series but had totally different costumes. There are no laces that came with it and there doesn't seem to be a piece that would hold the two neck collars together either but it looks like there was something there at one point. It is made of thick leather around the collar and a softer leather all around the bodice. Very Nice Piece!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gold Gauntlets

Here is a pair of gold colored gauntlets. I do not know what they are made of but they are flexiable. The boarded ends are of a thicker material but still flexiable. On the inside there are two strips of thin soft leather right where the laces are.These are very well made and sturdy. I spotted these in Xena Season 5 ep "Livia" on one of the Roman party/colosseum attendees. He is standing behind Xena on the right side of the one screen cap and in the other you can see the gauntlet on the far right where he is holding out his arm.

King Lias Crown

Here is a Wonderful and Rare prop from Xena Season 1 ep"Warrior...Princess". This Crown was worn by King Lias as you can see in one of the pictures with the costume label attached to the Crown by the wardrobe department (they did mislabel it though as it should be episode 15 Not 16) and I believe this crown to also be an FX Prop but not 100% sure on that. This is the bottom half of the crown that was cut off by Princess Diana when she threw Xena's Chakram. There are 3 cut out spots along the rim of the crown (shown in one of my pics) where it looks like they attached whatever it was to make the sparks so that it looked like the Chakram hit it and cut it off. The crown is made of a fairly heavy hard resin and painted gold. This really is a nice prop and I'm so glad to own it. Enjoy!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Round Soft Leather Neck Garment

This was given to me as a gift from my good friend Morgan. Beautifully crafted...this red, green, brown and black colored soft leather neck piece has a criss crossed pattern that I have seen on many wardrobe pieces throughout both the Xena and Hercules series. It has round brass type metal coin pieces that have a hole in the center of them and are tied onto the necklace with a piece of brown leather strap that make it look like tassles. There are two holes at either end so that it could be tied around the neck and held in place. I have not yet spotted it in an episode so if you have seen it could you let me know where to look. Thanks!!

Gabby's Go-Go Strand

This is an Awesome piece I aquired from my good friend Morgan. Morgan had set up this piece in a beautiful display box which she included when I bought it from her. The box consists of a Picture of Gabby wearing the Go-Go outfit in Xena Season 5 ep "Lyre, Lyre Hearts On Fire" a strand of gold sequins and clear beads that were a part of her outfit and wardrobe notes from the wardrobe department. The red fabric that is behind it is part of the extra material used on Gabrielle's costume during the 6th season. This is a very COOL box and it goes very nicely with my Gabrielle display area of my Treasure Room. Hope you enjoy it. I also added a screen shot from the episode that I took myself. SWEET!!! Many thanks Morgan!!!