Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ephiny Double Bra

This is an Awesome piece of Ephiny History!!! I was lucky enough to be able to get this piece from a friend in NZ!! I LOVE this piece and wish I had the full costume. This is the Ephiny Double Bra worn by Alex. This has really nice detail and is one of my favorite pieces plus it is the only thing I have that is linked to Ephiny/Danielle. This bra was used in Xena Season 3 episode "Maternal Instincts" and "The Bitter Suite". It was also used in Hercules Season 4 episode "Prodigal Sister". Too Cool!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Satyr's Horns

My Very Good Friend Morgan gave me these 2 Beautiful pair of Satyr Horns as a Gift. I am just so Blessed to have such loving friends. Ellie had put these up for auctions a few times and I really wanted to get them but just couldn't at the time so with Ellie's help Morgan cooked up this Great Surprise for me. Many Many Hugs to you Morgan for such a wonderful present!!!

I have spotted these horns being used in Hercules season 3 episode "Green Eyed Monster" worn by Cupid's gang of Satyr's and I have added a few screen shots of it and I also spotted them being worn by another Satyr in the Young Hercules episode "The Treasure of Zeus" When Herc and Iolaus come into the local tavern. One of the sets is of a damaged horn but I couldn't find that exact one. It might be in another YH episode or a totally different episode. Again Many Thanks to you Morgan. I am smiling from Ear to Ear!!! :-)

Beautiful Peasant Bodice

Here is a very used but beautiful peasant bodice. I have found this garment is three different episodes and 2 of them have My Bruce in them which is just Fantastic. He actually touches it in the Hercules episode but here is the list so far that I have spotted it in...Xena Season 3 episode "King of Assassins" worn by a peasant woman who gets goosed by Joxer but only because Autolycus makes him do it. LOL. Hercules Season 2 episode "Outcast" worn by Lyla's (Lucy) sister Leuriphone and also in Hercules Season 5 episode "Just Passing Through" worn by one of the peasant girls who is fawning over Autolycus in one of the ending scenes. Simply Awesome!!!