Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tyldus Centaur Headband

This is a very cool prop wardrobe piece. I have ALWAYS wanted something that a centaur character wore and now thanks to Barbie I do.

This piece was worn by Tyldus leader of the Centaurs in Xena Season 1 ep Hooves and Harlots. It is made of leather and there is decoration pieces all on the front of it. Just Beautiful!!! There are 2 pieces of tape inside it. One reads Tyldus and Top with an arrow pointing up and Bottom with an arrow pointing down to show how to put it on your head and then there is a another piece of tape over top that which reads Aston who is David Aston playing Tyldus. Pretty Cool!!! So this is actually a one off piece in my book!!! Thanks again Barbie for allowing me to get this into my collection. I LOVE it!!! :)