Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gabrielle/Joxer Nightie

I LOVE this cossie!! It is from one of my favorite episodes of Xena. I LOVE the comedies!!! This is the nightie that belonged to Gabrielle but because Joxer thought he was apeman (due to Aphrodite putting a Obsession Potion on all of them) he went bare naked so Gabrielle pulled this out of her bag and made Joxer put it on LOL. Too Funny. This cossie is from Xena Season 3 ep "Fins, Femmes and Gems". One of the screen grabs is from the outtakes and is probably my favorite shot of Joxer in the nightie. Renee is pointing at Ted's boob because it is exposed LOL. This is a pink satin nightie with pink ribbon straps and flowered lace around the edging of the top and bottom of the nightie. There is also a pair of pink with ruffled butt cheeks underpants and the thick blue socks which have holes and patches all over them (that is how the cossie is suppose to be). The only thing I am missing is the twig crown that Joxer wears but I did find a bug that is identical to the one he wears in the center of the crown. I will eventually make the crown so that it will be a full cossie in time. If anyone has it and is willing to sell let me know :)